So what's this all about?

I'm a dad...and I change diapers.

This started out when my first son was born. I kept a small list of places that had changing stations in the men's room so I could help out with my Daddy Duties. And as I came across establishments that didn't have facilites for me, I would hound the management to stop the sexism and get me a changing table! I figured from listenening to a lot of the ladies in my life, that I was a lone wolf. I was the daddy that we needed more of! And with my ego thoroughly inflated, I discovered that there is a ton of guys out there that are handling diaper duty. SO, what started out as a small list for me, has turned into a nation-wide resource (eventually) for new dads everywhere!


I need your help!

Since I am one man, I cannot go everywhere in the US to find changing stations. But if everyone listed one place they go to that does have a station, then we build a sizable netword of Dad-Friendly locations! Imagine being able to log in with your phone anywhere in the US and being able to find a changing station somewhere nearby. That's the goal. That's the dream. And with a little help from the Dad Armada (that's you) we can make this happen. So, help a future new dad out. Just click on the Add Store tab and fill out the form. Once per day, we perform admin upkeep on our added locations and will get your listing up ASAP.